Terms of service

Last Update Date: July 13 2018
Consent of Our Privacy Policy(Authorizing)

Before you use our website and order products from us, you must agree our privacy policy first. If you continue to make any further move on any pages, that means you are consent with us, and we are also pleasure to provide you the best services and high quality auto parts products.
We Own All Copyrights

We keep all the copyrights of all the files, pictures(product images and client photographs), videos, product information and details and everything else. Do not copy or even steal any piece of data without official approval. If anyone or any company filch our information, we have the right and ability to find out who is responsible for that fault, and we are surefire to submit DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to related hosting providers and Google. Please be respective and professional.
The Limitation of Liability

As a company with a famous auto parts brand, Scount aurto parts certainly promise to its liability. Please be sure what we are responsible for:

    We are concerned on the products themselves, we keep our best to produce the best auto parts to our customers.
    We do not take responsibility for shipping problems, which are made by the express companies. But we will work some solutions out with our clients and try to reduce loss both sides, and also we will inform the express company about our complaint.
    We would provide enough information to educate our customers about auto parts and its every forms of outcomes, but we have nothing to do with any wrong actions made by themselves. However, we are willing to help our clients about their problems, and only make some suggestions.

Changing of Terms

We reserve the rights to modify, add, delete and terminate our terms of use. Before we change anything from here, we will notice all the visitors and clients about the details of changes through sending emails and displaying on website. Every new version of terms all require visitors to agree before continue to use. Once the new terms are released, it immediately has the effects, and we mark the latest update time clearly at the very first.

We reserve the rights to termination of terms. If you are being unreasonable and incomprehensible, we have the right to stop providing services and products to you. If you do not obey our terms of use and privacy policy at the very beginning, then we suggest you leave, and also we would ignore you completely. And if you put our company in any lawsuit, we also won't work with you and suspend our cooperation. If you violate and abuse our terms and policies, we will close your account and even seek for legal aid.